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Friday, January 13, 2017

Interactive Practice Cards - Spanish

      Interactive Practice Cards - Spanish

These Interactive Practice Cards are a great supplement to the Interactive Flash Cards Bundle. There are 10 cards. Two cards each for animals, colors, numbers, shapes and vocabulary. There are 60 round little cards to go along with each pair of cards.
Children can practice and reinforce what they have learned with this practical tool. Use them as an evaluation tool, circle time and individual practice time.

Here are some ideas you can use with these interactive practice cards:
·         Use them for assessment: After children use the Interactive Flash Cards and are familiar with the images and names in Spanish, use the Interactive Practice Cards for assessment to see who needs more help. Give each child one or more round cards. Allow them to take turns placing the round cards on the correct spot on the big card.

·         Call out a word on the big card in Spanish, the student who has the round card places it on the correct spot on the big card.
·         Create teams and see which team fills the cards correctly first. It can also be done in pairs.

·         Make an extra copy of the round cards before cutting out for review. You can ask to point to something specific on the card.

   You can create a bingo game with the cards too!
·         Play a game where children or teacher ask for example: ¿dónde está la mesa? or ¿dónde está el círculo? Have all the round cards on the floor or in a basket and have students find the specific item. Once they find it, they place it on the correct spot on the big card.
The uses are many. Be as creative as you can be!

To purchase Interactive Practice Cards – Spanish,  click here.

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