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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Learn Spanish Adjectives the fun way!

Spanish Adjectives Flash Cards

These Spanish Adjectives Flash cards are great for teaching adjectives to students. I recommend using these cards with students from fourth grade and up but depending on your group of students you could even use them with third graders. There are two sets of cards: red and green. The red set of cards are divided in two groups: a) those with the Spanish adjectives with the English translation at the left corner and b) those with only the English translation. The green cards are also adjectives but these adjectives specifically describes people, their personalities and character. These green cards are also divided in two groups as the red cards.

There are a total of 80 adjectives cards. 40 red and 40 green. Introduce students to 4 or 5 adjectives at a time. Sometimes I like starting with the green cards because students have the opportunity to describe the positive traits of each other, their friends and family. It's a good way to practice speaking Spanish. As students start getting familiar with the adjectives you can start encouraging students to describe themselves and others. For example you can ask a student: "describe como eres." (that means: "describe how you are") or you could also ask student: "¿cómo eres?" The student can then say: "Yo soy inteligente, amable y honesta" (I am intelligent, kind and honest) For variation you can ask: "¿cómo es María?" or "describe a María" (meaning: "how is Maria?" or "describe Maria". In this case insert any name in your group.)

It is also important that students understands that these adjectives are gender specific.Here are two charts with all the adjectives on the red and green cards to explain this better.

You can also have students match the English with the Spanish adjectives to make a pair.

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