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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ideas for teaching the parts of the face


Here is a free poster of the parts of the face in Spanish to teach children. 

                                 La cara (the face)

Here are some ideas:

1. Point to each part and have children repeat after you.
2. Have children point to the parts as you call out the names.
3.Point to the parts and have children say the name you are pointing to.

To receive this freebie just click on the link below. Have fun!
La cara (the face)

As an enrichment to this activity I created some additional activity sheets that has been lots of fun for the children. It's called: what's missing? For this activity children are given the face but something on the face is missing. Each child receives a face but with a different part missing. Teacher can ask: "¿que falta? (what's missing?) students should be encourage to say the missing part in Spanish.
Whenever I use this activity children have lost of fun! It's something they enjoy very much. What I normally do before I give them this activity, we will go over it. I will show them several faces but one at a time with a part that's missing and I will ask the students what is missing. This activity is hilarious for the children as they will laugh when they see a face without a nose or a mouth, etc...

This activity can be found by clicking on the link below.
La cara:¿que falta? The face: what's missing?