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Friday, February 20, 2015

Spanish song that teaches the animals

Spanish Song: Los animales (new version)

The Spanish song: “Los animales is a fun song for children 4 years and up. This song teaches the name of eight animals and the sound each one makes in Spanish. It is a fun, easy and catchy song to learn and sure to delight little ones. 

Kids and teachers equally love the animal song and it has become a favorite for many. The children have fun as they imitate the different sounds of the animals in the song. 

The eight animals found in this song are: cow, duck, pig, dog, cat, sheep, horse and rooster.

La vaca
El cerdo

El pato

El perro
El gato
La oveja

El caballo 
El gallo

I created large flash cards of these animals to go with the song. 

Here are some ideas I use with my students:

1. After children are familiar with the names of the animals we form a circle and I have smaller flash cards with the animals face down. ( I have at lease three cards of each animal) Each student gets a chance to turn over a card and name the animal in Spanish of course :-) 

2. I call this game the seek and find game. I hide several animal cards in the classroom. Students are to go in groups of 2 or three to find one or two animals. They come back and say the animal or animals they found. Again I encourage my students to say the names of these animals in Spanish.

3. Without showing the students the animals you can ask the following question in Spanish: "¿que sonido hace la vaca? (what sound does the cow makes?) In my experience, kids answer correctly to all or most of the questions because they already know the animals name well in Spanish.

4. The song is great to use in preschool programs. Kids can wear a mask of the animal they represent while singing when it is their turn.

The ideas and creativity are endless. Just be creative.

Be sure to keep posted for more fun and effective teaching songs! 

To hear a sample and /or purchase the animal song click here

To purchase the large animal flash cards click here

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Create a Rhyming Game

Create a Rhyming Game

Here is a cute and easy way to create a game to help students learn rhyming words in Spanish.

You will need:
1.     Colorful construction paper
2.    Scissors
3.    Black marker or color of choice
4.    10 to 12 small, cute containers or bowls (more bowls or containers may be use depending on group size and preference)

Here are some ideas:
v  Select different colors of construction paper and cut them in strips. On one set of strips using the marker write Spanish words and on the other set of strips write the Spanish rhyming words to the first set of strips. Place a strip in each bowl. Students can pick a strip from one of the bowls and try to find which bowl has the rhyming word.

v  Place the strips of construction paper outside the bowls.  Divide students into two groups. Teacher says a word and one of the groups says the rhyming word. A bowl goes to the group that answers correctly. The group with the most containers wins.

v  Divide students into two groups. Assign equal amount of containers for each group. As each group finds a pair of rhyming words they put it in the container. The first group to fill all their containers wins!
Before playing the games students should already be familiar with all the words that will be use in the game.

These are just some ideas. You can create your own games and rules!
Have fun! J

   Here is a list of rhyming words you can use:

Monday, February 9, 2015

Spanish Vocabulary Cards

Spanish Fun for Kids Flash Cards set 1 

I created this game to help reinforce the learning of the Spanish words found in Spanish Fun for Kids Flash Cards series.

Information about the game:

· This game is to be use with Spanish Fun for Kids Flash Cards set 1
· Make three copies of the cutout pages. (picture cards)
· For 2 to 10 players
· For ages 8 and up. 

Benefits of the game:

1. Help students in the practice of matching pictures and words correctly.
2. Increases student’s ability to name things in Spanish.
3. Help students sight read Spanish words.  
4. Help students make association between picture and word faster.
5. Help in the reinforcement of Spanish vocabulary.

Instructions for the game are include with purchase. Here, I am sharing more ideas to use with the game.  

Here is another idea on how this game may be used:

This is a little bit more challenging but useful for memorizing and speech practice.
Here it goes:

Players receive seven picture cards and one big card. As players try to match their picture cards with their big card they can trade their picture cards with other players. So for example one player could say: "I can trade la silla for el borrador ." Maybe another player might have "el borrador" and might need "la silla". Players decide whether or not too trade depending on the probability of the other player winning. This game becomes very interactive when students start trading their cards. It is very important to encourage students to say the words in Spanish. It helps for memory and association of words and objects.

Quick glance at the pictures and words that serves as a  reference guide for checking that the matches are correct.

Here is another idea to use these cards:

For this game only the picture cards are needed. Make several copies of them on card-stock  and cut them out.
Give player one or more picture cards. The player then gives description and clues of the card and the others players must guess the correct card and say it in Spanish.

Use the picture cards for creating stories:

Give students four or five cards (can me more or less cards depending on instructor's preference) and students create a story using the cards they have. If students are not able to say their entire story in Spanish then they can say it in English but should use the Spanish word in the story.

This game allows for a lot of creativity. The possibilities are endless on how these cards can be used. Feel free to create your own game and rules. 

Have fun! :-)

 To purchase the Flash Card set 1 Game Click here
 To purchase the Flash Card set 1 Click here

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Spanish Flash Cards set 4

             Spanish Fun for Kids
                 Flash cards set 4

Spanish Fun for Kids Flash Cards are a set of fun cards approximately 5x3 in size. There are sets 1, 2, 3, and I just added set 4. Each set of flash cards have forty Spanish words with their corresponding picture.  Game ideas and recommendations are found along with the purchase of the cards. I have included here even more games/ideas that can be easily use with the cards.

The Spanish Fun for Kids flash cards can be use in many ways. Here are even more suggestions and ideas:

· Use them for learning new words in Spanish: Show the cards and have students repeat after
    hearing the pronunciation.

· Make up a story game: Students get one or more cards depending on group size and make up a short story using the cards they have. If students are not fluent in Spanish they can make up the story in English but should use the Spanish words for the cards they have.

· Who has it game: For this game you will need just the picture part of the card. Give each student 3 or 4 cards depending on group size. Teacher ask the question: “¿quién tiene la peinilla?” (who has the comb?) The student that has the comb says: “yo tengo la peinilla” (I have the comb) This game is also good way to teach students how to say “I have” in Spanish.

· What do you see game: For this game you will also need just the picture part of the card. Teacher puts a card inside a box or a basket with a lid. Select a student to look inside the box or basket. Teacher ask: “¿que ves? (what do you see?) Student responds: “Veo la luna” ( I see the moon) These games are excellent for encouraging speech while reinforcing the new words.

· The hunting game: Again for this game only the picture part of the card is needed. Teacher place several cards all over the classroom. Have students go on a “hunt” to find as many cards as they can. (2 to 4 students could go at a time depending on group size or for better control of the group and game.) Students come back to where teacher and the rest of the group are and say and show what they found. Example: let’s say a student found the card that has the compass, student will say: “encontré una brújula” (I found a compass)  This is also an excellent way to help students speak the target language.

To purchase Spanish Fun for Kids Flash Cards set 1 click here
To purchase Spanish Fun for Kids Flash Cards set 2 click here
To purchase Spanish Fun for Kids Flash Cards set 3 click here
To purchase Spanish Fun for Kids Flash Cards set 4 click here