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Monday, February 9, 2015

Spanish Vocabulary Cards

Spanish Fun for Kids Flash Cards set 1 

I created this game to help reinforce the learning of the Spanish words found in Spanish Fun for Kids Flash Cards series.

Information about the game:

· This game is to be use with Spanish Fun for Kids Flash Cards set 1
· Make three copies of the cutout pages. (picture cards)
· For 2 to 10 players
· For ages 8 and up. 

Benefits of the game:

1. Help students in the practice of matching pictures and words correctly.
2. Increases student’s ability to name things in Spanish.
3. Help students sight read Spanish words.  
4. Help students make association between picture and word faster.
5. Help in the reinforcement of Spanish vocabulary.

Instructions for the game are include with purchase. Here, I am sharing more ideas to use with the game.  

Here is another idea on how this game may be used:

This is a little bit more challenging but useful for memorizing and speech practice.
Here it goes:

Players receive seven picture cards and one big card. As players try to match their picture cards with their big card they can trade their picture cards with other players. So for example one player could say: "I can trade la silla for el borrador ." Maybe another player might have "el borrador" and might need "la silla". Players decide whether or not too trade depending on the probability of the other player winning. This game becomes very interactive when students start trading their cards. It is very important to encourage students to say the words in Spanish. It helps for memory and association of words and objects.

Quick glance at the pictures and words that serves as a  reference guide for checking that the matches are correct.

Here is another idea to use these cards:

For this game only the picture cards are needed. Make several copies of them on card-stock  and cut them out.
Give player one or more picture cards. The player then gives description and clues of the card and the others players must guess the correct card and say it in Spanish.

Use the picture cards for creating stories:

Give students four or five cards (can me more or less cards depending on instructor's preference) and students create a story using the cards they have. If students are not able to say their entire story in Spanish then they can say it in English but should use the Spanish word in the story.

This game allows for a lot of creativity. The possibilities are endless on how these cards can be used. Feel free to create your own game and rules. 

Have fun! :-)

 To purchase the Flash Card set 1 Game Click here
 To purchase the Flash Card set 1 Click here

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