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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Create a Rhyming Game

Create a Rhyming Game

Here is a cute and easy way to create a game to help students learn rhyming words in Spanish.

You will need:
1.     Colorful construction paper
2.    Scissors
3.    Black marker or color of choice
4.    10 to 12 small, cute containers or bowls (more bowls or containers may be use depending on group size and preference)

Here are some ideas:
v  Select different colors of construction paper and cut them in strips. On one set of strips using the marker write Spanish words and on the other set of strips write the Spanish rhyming words to the first set of strips. Place a strip in each bowl. Students can pick a strip from one of the bowls and try to find which bowl has the rhyming word.

v  Place the strips of construction paper outside the bowls.  Divide students into two groups. Teacher says a word and one of the groups says the rhyming word. A bowl goes to the group that answers correctly. The group with the most containers wins.

v  Divide students into two groups. Assign equal amount of containers for each group. As each group finds a pair of rhyming words they put it in the container. The first group to fill all their containers wins!
Before playing the games students should already be familiar with all the words that will be use in the game.

These are just some ideas. You can create your own games and rules!
Have fun! J

   Here is a list of rhyming words you can use:

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