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Friday, February 20, 2015

Spanish song that teaches the animals

Spanish Song: Los animales (new version)

The Spanish song: “Los animales is a fun song for children 4 years and up. This song teaches the name of eight animals and the sound each one makes in Spanish. It is a fun, easy and catchy song to learn and sure to delight little ones. 

Kids and teachers equally love the animal song and it has become a favorite for many. The children have fun as they imitate the different sounds of the animals in the song. 

The eight animals found in this song are: cow, duck, pig, dog, cat, sheep, horse and rooster.

La vaca
El cerdo

El pato

El perro
El gato
La oveja

El caballo 
El gallo

I created large flash cards of these animals to go with the song. 

Here are some ideas I use with my students:

1. After children are familiar with the names of the animals we form a circle and I have smaller flash cards with the animals face down. ( I have at lease three cards of each animal) Each student gets a chance to turn over a card and name the animal in Spanish of course :-) 

2. I call this game the seek and find game. I hide several animal cards in the classroom. Students are to go in groups of 2 or three to find one or two animals. They come back and say the animal or animals they found. Again I encourage my students to say the names of these animals in Spanish.

3. Without showing the students the animals you can ask the following question in Spanish: "¿que sonido hace la vaca? (what sound does the cow makes?) In my experience, kids answer correctly to all or most of the questions because they already know the animals name well in Spanish.

4. The song is great to use in preschool programs. Kids can wear a mask of the animal they represent while singing when it is their turn.

The ideas and creativity are endless. Just be creative.

Be sure to keep posted for more fun and effective teaching songs! 

To hear a sample and /or purchase the animal song click here

To purchase the large animal flash cards click here

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