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Friday, March 6, 2015

Spanish song to teach colors

Los Colores

These songs are excellent for teaching and reinforcing the colors. It is a supplement to any activity involving the learning of colors.

The Spanish song: Los Colores includes six colors in Spanish: yellow, red, blue, green, orange and purple. "Más Colores" is another version of the same song that includes five more colors.

These songs have been used in preschool programs and also kindergarten graduation.

Here are some ways I have use them:

1.      Students are lined up side to side. Give each student a pair of scarves. Each student will have a different color scarf. Each student comes in front with the scarves and wave it as the appropriate color is mention in the song. At the end of the song everyone waves their scarves.

2.      Give each student a color crayon as shown in the picture below.  You can make this crayons yourselves using construction paper.  Each student raises the color when they hear the color they have. This is very good for helping students listen attentively and it also helps identify students that are still having trouble identifying the colors in Spanish.

I use these with my students but you can also create your own crayons using construction paper.

Other ideas:

1.      Students can dress up in their particular color of selection.
2.      They can wear wrist band colors
3.      Have a basket with different color items. Student finds the correct color as the song is been played. (for example, each time the color yellow is said in the song student should pick out something yellow out of the basket and at the end say along with the song: “me gusta amarillo”
The items on the color cards can be use in a basket for students to select when it is time to pick out a color.

These are just some ideas. Hope you enjoy these activities with the songs.

You can use more colors with the other version "Más Colores" which includes five more colors but same melody.

To purchase and/or hear a sample of the Spanish song: Los  colores click here

To purchase and /or hear a sample of the Spanish song: Más Colores click here

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