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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Fun with Numbers!

         Easter Fun with numbers!

Here is a fun game for reinforcing numbers with your kids.  I use this for my Spanish class with children 4 and 5 years. These games can also be use for reinforcing numbers and colors in any language.

These colorful eggs are great for reinforcing colors and numbers!

Cute chicks with numbers to use with egg games.

I use Easter eggs to hide numbers inside of them. 
Numbers are inside each egg.

Game 1:

Place the numbers inside each egg. Hide the eggs in different locations in the room. Have students look for the eggs then open it and say the number they found in Spanish.

Game 2:

Place numbers inside the eggs. Have students find a particular number (for example 15). The student that finds the number 15 say: “encontré quince” (I found fifteen)

Game 3:

This game reinforces numbers and colors at the same time.  Place numbers inside the eggs.
Place eggs in a basket or plate. Have students sit in a circle with the basket of eggs in the middle. Select a student and give a command in Spanish: “abre el huevo azul” (open the blue egg) Student finds and opens the blue egg. Then ask: “¿qué número es? Student should say the number in Spanish.

Game 4:

Give each student an egg with a number inside. Have student stand in a circle while holding the egg.  Go around the circle saying in Spanish this little chant:

“Estoy buscando el número diez, número diez, número diez.                          
 "Estoy buscando el número diez. ¿tienes tú el número diez? (look at a student and ask the question) Student opens the egg to see if he/she has the number ten. If student does not have the number ten, student say: “no tengo el número diez” Continue in the circle until you find the student with the number.

If student have the number ten student say: “si, tengo el número diez”. Then the student with the number comes out the circle. Repeat the same until all student had the opportunity to discover their number.

Game 5:

Place number in eggs but leave one egg empty. The amount of eggs should be the same as the amount of students participating. So if there are 10 children participating in the game there should be 10 eggs (nine eggs with number and one without) Students should not know which egg is empty. Each student picks an egg out the basket. The student with the empty egg gets a basket and goes around and say the number in Spanish of everyone’s egg. For each number than was said correctly that student gets the egg. So at the end the student could end up with many eggs or all the other eggs! This game helps to evaluate each individual student with the numbers. It’s done in a fun way and also gives insight to the instructor as to who needs more help in learning and recognizing the numbers in Spanish.

These “Eggy” number cards are excellent for reviewing the numbers!

You can download these cards, the cute chick number cards and the regular number cards here for free! Included are blank cards too so you can select and use your own numbers!

Have fun!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love the "eggy" numbers. Muchas gracias :-)

  2. Thank you Carmen for your feedback! I'm glad you like the "Eggy" cards! Let me know how it worked for you!


  3. De nada! Espero que haya sido de provecho.
    Gracias a ti :)

  4. On Game five, could you tell me why one has no number?

  5. I just updated game 5. I did not realize the instructions were incomplete. Once you go back and read the full instruction it will be clear to you.
    Thanks for your feedback. It allowed me to noticed I did not include the full instructions on game 5.

    Happy teaching! :-)