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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spanish song that teaches the parts of the face.

Spanish Song: Las partes de mi cara (the parts of my face)

This is a lively and fun song to help teach preschoolers, kindergartners and first graders the parts of the face.

The parts taught in the song are: eyes, ears, mouth and nose. 
It is easy to learn because I arranged it to the familiar tune: Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

I became a little bit more creative and added some fun to the song by including an extra detail that kids happen love very much. Some teachers will say to me that the students really like the song with the "boom-boom". It is something simple but yet I have found it to be very effective. So this is what I do. I'm going to try and explain it here but if you listen to the song you will get a better idea.

So the song goes like this:
Las partes de mi cara (right after that there is a short pause)
Las partes de mi cara (another short pause)
Ojos, orejas, boca y nariz
Las partes de mi cara (short pause)

So this is what I do: after each short pause I will say "boom-boom" while hitting my two fists together. Simple right? but kids love it! In fact, I would say it's their favorite part of the song because all they do is anxiously wait for that part where they can say "boom-boom"

So the song will go something like this:

Las partes de mi cara (boom-boom)
Las partes de mi cara (boom- boom)
Ojos, orejas, boca y nariz
Las partes de mi cara (boom-boom)

 A useful tip:

Sometimes it's best to teach them the song without the "boom-boom" so that they can focus on learning the lyrics to the song. After a few classes and they are pretty much familiar with it then I will suggest adding the little extra part for added fun and something new.  I must say though that even if you start using the "boom-boom" from the start, the kids will still and eventually learn the lyrics.

Other ideas

Use the free flash cards I created to go with the song as a visual aid for introducing the parts of the face and also the song. The flash cards are very useful for kids that are more of a visual learner and the song is great for auditory learners and everyone else too since music is known to activate certain parts of the brain that helps retain information. 
In my experience though I notice that my auditory students tend to learn songs and lyrics faster; but everyone learns the songs at the end because music is definitely a universal language. 

Another way I teach this song is by having students repeat the words and also follow me as I point to the different parts of my face. 
Once students are familiar then I would say in Spanish: toca tu nariz" (touch your nose); "toca tu boca" (touch your mouth); "toca tus orejas" (touch your ears); "toca tus ojos" (touch your eyes)  if student don't know what to do I will do it as an example as I repeat the command again in Spanish. ( I try to avoid translating at this point)  This is a great opportunity to incorporate TPR (Total Physical Response) 
It only takes one or two classes for students to understand what you mean when you say these commands in Spanish. After a while they do it without me having to show them what I mean.

As they sing the song point to the parts of the face that is been mention.

You can also have a big face drawn and have students point to the different parts of the face. If you will like a picture of the face you can download it for free here.

Another great activity that works well as a supplement is a product I created called: "La cara, ¿que falta? (The face, what's missing?) this is a fun activity where students say in Spanish which part of the face is missing. If you are interested in it you can click here to learn more.

To purchase and/or hear a sample of the song: Las partes de mi cara click here.

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