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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fun with numbers!

               Fun with numbers!

Click here to listen to a sample of this tuneful Spanish song that teaches numbers.

In my previous post entitled “make your own number mats” I shared some ideas on making your number mats and an activity to go along. Here I will share more ideas on how to use the number mats and other activities with numbers.

Create the mats and select which numbers you want on the mats. You may also create several mats with the same number on them.

More ideas:

1.     Place mats in different directions on the floor. At your command students find a mat and stand on it. Each student says in Spanish the number they are standing on.

2.    This other activity is similar to musical chairs but with a slight variation. Place mat horizontally on the floor. (There should be one mat less than the total amount of students participating). Play music using percussion instruments. Students walk around the number mats. When the music stops students step on a mat. Each student says the number they are stepping on.  The student that is left out after each round join with you by also playing an instrument. (Make sure to have enough instruments for each student to have as they join you)

3.    For this game you will need at least three or four mats of the same number (let’s use for example the number 4. Have three to four mats with the number 4 on it) along with the other numbers. Have the mats in random order and in different directions on the floor.  At your command students should find the number 4 and step on it.

4.    Place the mats on the floor but this time face down. So the numbers are not seen. At your command students all find a mat and stand on it. Go to each student and ask if they can guess which number they are stepping on. You can ask them: “¿puedes adivinar el número que estás pisando?” (can you guess which number you are stepping on?) Students try and guess the number. Once they say a number they turn over the mat to see if it is the correct number. If the number is correct then say: “¡Si! adivinaste el número correcto!” (yes!, you guessed the right number!) If the number is not the correct one say: “no, no es… (say the number that is not) then you can go ahead and ask student: “¿qué número es?” (what number is it?)

5.    This game is for older students ages 8 to 12.  You will need several mats with the same numbers. This game involves mat skills. It is excellent for reinforcing and practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Here are some examples of what you can say for this game. But you can make up your own mat problems. Some examples are:

Ø  3 + 5 (tres más cinco) students should find the mat with the answer.
Ø  10 -6 (diez menos seis)
Ø  7x2 (siete por dos)
Ø  10÷2 (diez dividido por dos)

Suggestions and Tips:

·         To keep number mats clean and for durability have students take off their shoes before stepping on the mats.

·         If group is too large select a few students at a time to play the games. This also helps to keep the game under control.

·         The focus on all games in not to select winners but to all play in unity and cooperation where the focus is to learn while having fun. Make it fun all the way even when students don’t know the answer still make it fun for them. Make it clear to them that it is not about a winning or losing game it is about learning and sharing.

·         Give out stickers to all participants.

·         If possible and when appropriate give instructions in Spanish. (kids understand more than you will imagine)

·         Always say: “¡muy bien!, buen trabajo, excelente!

·         Each time you play any of the number game say: “vamos a jugar un juego de números”. (sooner than later students will know exactly what you mean)

I appreciate your feedback and comments. Let me know how these games worked for you. Share your experience. If you have any ideas on how to use the number mats please share. Thanks!

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