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Friday, October 2, 2015

Fun Ideas for Teaching Colors

       Fun Ideas for Teaching Colors        
Fun activities for teaching colors in Spanish to young children.
Hello and thanks for visiting! Today I will share some activities I recently did with my preschool students for reinforcing colors.

I was at a dollar store sometime ago and I saw party plates in different colors. I then thought of the idea of buying a set of each color to engage my young students while teaching them the colors in Spanish.
Here are some ideas.
1.      Have a basket full of different color items.  Introduce a color and take out everything in the basket that is that color.
2.      Do the same activity above but instead of taking out the target color have students take it out instead.
3.      Use a cloth bag and place the different color items in it. Display on the floor  4 to 6 different color plates. Have students sit in a circle and pass the bag around taking out an item. Student say the color of the item in the target language and place  it on the same color plate. (Here are some pictures to illustrate)

4.      For the older preschool students and kindergarteners you can do a variation by putting items of the same color on a plate and an extra item of a different color. (you can say something like this: “este objeto no pertenece en el plato verde.” Then you can go ahead and ask the question: “¿a dónde pertenece?” “pertenece al plato amarillo”. You can even go further and give a command to a student by saying for example: “Felipe, ponga el objeto amarillo en el plato amarillo.”  These are just some  ideas of what you can say to engage students in thinking, speaking and listening. The ideas are endless.  Obviously they will not be speaking the target language right away but what I have noticed is that as time goes by and they  listen to me speak the language, imitation and repetition starts to take place; so after they are comfortable they start to repeat what they hear me say. Some students do it sooner than I expect! Activities like these are excellent for language development.
5.      Another activity that my students love very much and have great fun is when I tell them to help me find a color. I will use “rojo” for example. So I tell my students: “voy a buscar el color rojo” then I pick something out of the bag that’s azul for example. Then I will ask: “¿es rojo? they all will laugh and say no it’s azul! and so on. Once I pick the right color out  I encourage them to say: si es rojo! It’s a good time to introduce affirmative and negative in the target language.
Hope this was helpful. I will share more on my next post!
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