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Friday, October 30, 2015

Spanish Sentence Cards

            Spanish Sentence Cards
Spanish Sentence Cards are manipulative that engage children at an early age to build short and simple sentences as well as help them with Spanish sight words. Even though these cards are to be use with children 5 to 7 years of age, I have had success using it with some 4 year old as well.  So depending on your group you can decide is you will use it with the 4’s.

Instructions on how to use the cards are provided along with the product.

I will share here some games and additional suggestions on how Spanish Sentence Cards can be use.

1.      The pairing game: Make sure to have an even number of students for the pairing game. Give cards with words to half of the students and to the other half pictures. At your command have students find their partners by matching the correct word with the picture.

2.      Memory game: Students sit in a circle. Have cards with words and pictures face down on the floor in a structured order. Students take turn turning over one picture card and one word. If it matches, the students take the pair. The student with the most pairs of cards wins.

3.      The asking game:  Have students sit down in a circle. Place the picture cards facing up on the floor. Ask students questions like these: “¿qué es azul?” students should respond: “la mesa es azul.” If they do not know how to respond, then the instructor should respond. Another questions could be: “¿qué es blanco?” students response should be: “el muñeco de nieve es blanco”.  Another question could be: “¿qué es anaranjada?” response: “la pelota es anaranjada.” And so on. Suggestion: It is preferable for the students to respond in complete sentence as reinforcement in building Spanish sentences with the cards.

4.      Select the adjective game: With this game students have the opportunity to select the correct adjective to complete the sentence. Have students sit in a circle. Place a picture card on the floor and start the sentence and allow students to take turn picking the appropriate adjective to complete the sentence. For example you could have the picture of the car, and then place the word below it that says: “El carro es….. A student selected by the instructor select the adjective that describe something about “el carro”. And so on.

Suggestion: To help students learn these sight words even faster you can make several copies of two or three words and have students repeat after you. Doing this over a short period of time will greatly increase students ability to recognize and pronounce the words easily as well as increase their ability to correlate each word with the correct image. You can even have a specific number of words you want to teach and make several copies and have students turn the words over and read it. Because you have several copies of the same words, it will become more and more familiar when students encounter the words over and over again.

To purchase Spanish Sentence Cards click here.

Your feedback, comments and suggestions are welcomed. Please share any of your experiences using the Spanish sentence cards and as usual…….

Have fun!

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  1. Great way to improve our spanish with some of these differents and funny classes, looks awesome!