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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Common Spanish Phrases and questions

Common Spanish Phrases and Questions

 Common Spanish Phrases and Questions are a set of 35 yellow cards with phrases and questions that are commonly used in Spanish.   Each yellow card has its corresponding card in English. The English cards are the purple ones. The yellow cards with questions have an answer card. These answer cards are the blue cards. The number that’s on the blue cards corresponds to the same number on the yellow cards.

Here are some ideas on how these cards may be use: Here are some ideas on how to use these cards:
1. Practice by saying the phrases to someone else.
2. Use the phrases regularly so that it becomes natural.
3. Use them as a game to match each Spanish card to its corresponding English card. (The English cards are not numbered for this reason)
4. Randomly pick out a Spanish card and try translating it to English.
5. Randomly pick out an English card and try translating it to Spanish.
These are just some ideas.
These cards are a fun way to increase knowledge in the Spanish language and engage students in learning effectively. 

A translation and pronunciation guide is included.

To access these cards click on the link below.

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