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Sunday, November 30, 2014

A fun way to teach commands

A Fun Way to Teach Commands

A command is a specific instruction to do something.

Children learn their natural language at a very young age by hearing commands from their parents, family, caregiver and so on. 
This same idea can be practice when teaching a foreign language. 
One of the things I incorporate in my classes are commands in Spanish. Some examples of these commands are: marcha (march) salta (jump) corre (run) camina (walk), etc....

When giving commands to students try to avoid translating what a command means. Instead physically show them what to do as you say the command. Student will retain it much better and will most likely remember what the command means as they do the action along with you. My students and I have lots of fun as we command each other to do different things. Once students are familiar with the commands they can practice giving commands to each other. Students really enjoy doing that especially giving their teacher commands and I do them :-)

To teach these commands I created a set of cards called: Las Acciones (Actions) 
I select the actions I'm going to teach and show students the cards that goes with each action.  So for example I would say: "marchar" and I do the marching action; or I would say "saltar" and I do the jumping action. Students repeat and follow. Once students are familiar with these actions, saying a command becomes easy and understandable for students. All I say for exmple is "marcha" or "salta" and students automatically understands what to do.

Another idea to use with these cards is to have students say the actions they like. For example they can say: "Me gusta marchar" (I like to march)

Another idea  is to have students say the actions they can do. For example they can say: "Yo puedo saltar" (I can jump)

These are just some ideas. There are many more ideas you can use with these cards. Creativity is all that's needed!

If you would like to purchase Las Acciones click on the link below.

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