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Monday, September 28, 2015

Caritas -Fun activities for teaching emotions in Spanish.

 Fun activities for teaching emotions in Spanish to young children.
Caritas are cute little faces created to teach young children about emotions in Spanish.
Here are some ideas and suggestions for using caritas as an activity.
1.      Introduce three to four caritas at a time. Each carita represents a Spanish emotion.
2.      Create or use stories that involve the emotions you are teaching.
3.      Allow students to select the appropriate emotion depending on the circumstance.
4.      Sing the Spanish song: “Buenos días, buenos días, cómo estás. and replace “muy bien gracias” with  the emotions you are teaching. Here is an example of how the complete song including the emotion feliz will sound like:
Buenos días, buenos días, cómo estas, cómo estas
estoy feliz, estoy feliz, y usted, y usted. (this tune is sung to the song are you sleeping)
 Every one sits in a circle with the caritas in the middle and can start singing the song. Each student gets a turn to say how they are by selecting the appropriate carita while saying in Spanish the emotion. When they get to the part that says “y usted” student points to the person next to him/her and so on until everyone gets a turn.
5.      Ask students to make specific faces by calling out different emotions in Spanish. For example you can say: “hagan una carita triste” or “ hagan una carita enojada” etc.
6.      Cut a set of caritas and laminate without the craft stick on it. Place the caritas down and ask a student to pick a carita without anyone seeing which one it is, then student imitate the same carita that was picked up and have the other students guess what emotion it is. Encourage students to say the emotions in Spanish.
7.      Have a set of caritas without the craft sticks on them. Have a set of craft sticks with an emotion written on each one. Students match the carita with the correct stick.
These activities can be easily adapted to any language!

You can access these free caritas here.

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