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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tree of Spanish Adjectives

Árbol de Adjetivos  (Tree of Adjectives)

Árbol de Adjetivos is a free activity to help teach and reinforce adjectives in Spanish. It is an addition to any Spanish program.
This activity is for older students from grades four and up. Depending on your group you could also use it for third graders as well.

This activity also includes a tree with out the adjectives on it and an entire page full of leaves for students to cut out and paste only the leaves with adjectives.  At the end of this article there will be a link to direct you to this fun activity :-)

Before doing any of the activities suggested students should be already familiar with the adjectives and the meaning. There is also available Spanish Adjectives Flash Cards to help students learn the adjectives and how they can use them. More information on that on my next blog.

Here are some ideas to use with Árbol de Adjetivos (Tree of Adjectives):

1.  You can have students individually select an adjective and paste on the  tree. 

2. Give each students a leaf. Some will have adjectives and some will have other words that are not adjectives. Instructor can ask those with the adjectives to paste the leaf on the tree. (this is one of way
for doing an assessment to see how well students are learning and are familiar with Spanish adjectives.)

3. Have students search for the leaves with adjectives. Students with the most adjectives wins.

4. Write on  half sheets of papers an adjective or a noun. Crunch the papers up and through it one at a time and the student that catches the paper opens it and say if it is and adjective or not. And students should also say the translation in English. (For this activity I suggest making rules and if students do not follow the the rules teacher and discontinue the game at his/her discretion.)

These are just some ideas. Feel free to create your own games and ideas to use with this activity as well as with the Spanish Adjectives Flash Cards.

To access "Árbol de Adjetivos" click here

To access Spanish Adjectives Flash Cards click here

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