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Monday, March 23, 2015

Make you own number mats.

         Make Your Own Number Mats!!!

Teaching the numbers in Spanish from 0 to 20 to preschoolers was very easy and fun.  Now it was time to move on to learning more numbers. So we learned up to fifty and later on move up to one hundred. 

I found it easier to start teaching them to count by tens up to fifty and once they knew that part we would continue counting by tens until we got to one hundred. I noticed that once they knew well how to count by tens up to one hundred they could easily catch to the sequence to all the other numbers in between.

So I made small number mats using foam shapes that you can easily find at dollar stores. They come in different shapes and they are assorted in colors. They are excellent for creating the number mats. See pictures below.

They come in different colors which make it useful for reinforcing colors while learning numbers.  So using a black marker (I use sharpie brand) I write the numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60  and so on up to 100 on each round mat. See example below.

For this activity have students sit in a circle. Place the mats on the floor in the middle of the circle with the number faced down. A student selects a color and says it in Spanish. Look for that color mat and turn over. The student that selected the color says what number it is. (if student does not know, the other students can help) Each student gets a turn to say a color. So students are learning the numbers by tens up to one hundred while reinforcing the colors that was learned sometime earlier.

Since you will only need 10 colored mats for this activity you can make two or three sets and use them together. This will also make it more challenging for students to remember which color belongs to a particular number.

You can also use yoga mats to make the number mats too but you will not have the variety in color. However it is useful for this activity and for playing many other games to help students learn and reinforce numbers.

To draw the numbers on the mat you can use number stencils and black marker.

In my next post entitled: Fun with numbers I will share some more cool ideas to use with the number mats.

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