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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter eggs and Number Fun!

Easter eggs and Number Fun!

So today I took my Easter eggs to class. The kids were excited about the eggs and they were all saying which color egg they will select.  Before playing the games I reviewed the numbers from 1 to 20 and then by tens up to fifty for the 4 years old and up to one hundred for the 5 years old.

The first game we did was Game 1 where they look for the eggs in the classroom. I instructed the students to come back to the rug area when they find the egg. Everyone came back with their eggs. They opened it and said the number in Spanish. Of course some of them said the number in English but with the help of the other students they were able to say it in Spanish. They wanted to play more game so we did Game 3

To see the games click on "Easter Fun with Numbers

Here are some pictures of what we did today.

Children in a circle. Basket of eggs in the middle.

Student taking out an Easter egg.

Ready to open the egg. Can you guess the number?


And the number is "cuarenta"

We had a great time!!!

Please share your comments and experience with your group or kids! Thanks :-)

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