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Friday, April 17, 2015

Bean bags and number fun

            Beanbags and number fun

Here is a fun way to engage little ones in a fun activity while learning is taking place.  This game or activity will help students recognize numbers independently.
So here is what you will need:
1.      A large black foam board. You can use two to make it larger.
2.       Then make your own multicolor number mats or if you prefer you can buy the round foam shapes and with a black marker draw the numbers on the mat.
3.      Place the mats on the large foam board.
4.      Select a student and have them throw a beanbag on the board. Student will say what number the bean bag landed on.
Kids will have fun with this simple activity and at the same time it will reinforce recognition of numbers in random order. I do notice that children will say their numbers well from 1 to 10 in Spanish but have difficulty naming an isolated number. This game will help repair that J
Variations and suggestions:
·         Make sure all students participate. Students, especially the younger ones will take it to heart if they do not get a chance to participate in the game. Sometimes I have a larger group making it difficult to include everyone in the game period part of the class. So I will explain beforehand that everyone might not get a chance in this session, but next session they will. (That really doesn't help too much) so now I make sure to include everyone the same day by using the entire session for the game if necessary.  After all, they are still learning!
·         To avoid the mats from moving when the bean bag is thrown you can place tape under the mats unto the board.
·         Sometimes the bean bag will fall on a number. Then ask in Spanish “¿sobre qué número cayó el saquito?” (on what number did the beanbag fall on?)

·         Other times the beanbag may fall between two numbers. Ask in Spanish “¿entre qué números cayó el saquito?” (between which numbers did the beanbag fall?) You can help students by responding to your question by saying “cayó entre los número veinte y treinta” 

·         By asking and responding to questions in Spanish will further train kids ear to the language and also help in the development of speech. After a while you will be surprised to hear them repeating the same questions and answers in Spanish. 
·         Another technique I use in helping students recognize numbers independently is to select two or three numbers at a time.  Let’s use for example 5 and 15. We review those numbers over two or three classes. Students can now recognize these numbers in whichever order they see it. You can even customize your number mats and make them with just the numbers you are working on.  Then doing the activity will serve as a strong reinforcement.
·         To add to the fun and excitement you can also have some of the mats turn down to where the number is not shown. If the beanbag happens to fall on one of those mats then I will say “adivina el número” (guess the number) students at this point start calling out numbers in Spanish. Every now and then they call out a number in English but then I will say  “en español por favor” (in Spanish please) Sometime my students remind their friends to say it in Spanish when someone says the number in English.  After a few chances we will turn over the mat to see what number it is.
Wishing you all the fun with this activity!

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  1. Great activity to recap colours too. Gracias por compartirla ;-)

  2. Thank you Carmen! I'm always looking for ways to help students learn in a fun an interactive manner!