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Thursday, April 2, 2015

More numbers

                    More numbers!

I mention earlier in one of my post that I am now teaching my 4 and 5 years old students to count in Spanish up to one hundred.  I found it easier to teach them to count by tens up to fifty and then continue up to one hundred.  To help with this process I made these round number cards.

Once students are familiar with counting by tens up to fifty then we begin counting from one all the way to fifty. We do that over the next few classes. The kids will be getting more and more familiar with the numbers and the sequence. So here is an idea I thought of to use with the round cards.

The number activity:

The round cards are numbered by tens up to fifty. I give five students a card each. The rest of the group follows along with me as we begin to count: “uno, dos, tres, cuatro, and so on until we reach to 9. Then we all keep silent and the student that have the card with the number 10 on it will raise the number and say “diez” then we continue counting “once, doce, trece….until we reach to 19 then we all keep silent and the student that have the card with the number 20 will raise the number and say “veinte”  then we continue counting and doing the same thing over until we reach to 49 and the student that have the card with the number 50 say “cincuenta”

After the first round I select another group of five students and we start over again. Just doing it once or twice is enough for that day. In the other classes I will pick students that did not have a turn previously.

Once students can count up to fifty with easy then we do the activity up to 100 instead. So this time I select 10 students.

This game helps students to listen, pay attention and learn the sequence of the numbers.

These numbers are easy to make. Just make circles on card stock paper and either print or write the numbers on each card. Use a craft stick and tape behind each card.

If you prefer to use the ones I made you can download it here.

Round number cards for learning and creating games!