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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Counting Fun part 2

              Counting Fun –part 2
¡Hola! and thanks for visiting! In this post I will share more counting fun ideas.
For this counting game we will use water balls and butterfly nets. These nets works well for this counting game and kids love it. Hold the net and give the student a basket with the water balls (I use 20 of them) the objective is to throw as many balls as possible inside the net. So the participant will stand at a distance established by the instructor and start counting as the balls are been thrown inside the net.  The whole group can count too or just the student.  As he/she throws the balls some will go in and some will not but the student should continue throwing and counting until all the balls are gone. Then student counts in Spanish to see how many balls are in the net.  Instructor at this point asks: “¿cuántas pelotas hay en la red? Student says: “hay once pelotas”

In most of the games and activities I incorporate questions in Spanish to encourage students to answer in the target language. The games help students to become more comfortable and less shy when it comes to speaking the foreign language. It provides a safe and non threatening environment while at the same time creating an immersion experience. 
Variations and suggestions:
For older students you can have several nets of different colors (see picture below)
 between four and six nets and have a student for each net throw the balls at the same time and at the end see which students has the most balls in the net. Instructor can ask: ¿cuántas pelotas hay en la red azul? the student that has the blue net counts in Spanish and then says for example: “hay cinco pelotas”. Then instructor can ask next: ¿cuántas pelotas hay en la red amarilla”? and so on… When doing more than one student at a time more balls will be needed. At least 20 per student. The water balls and nets can be found at dollar stores.
For younger children I recommend doing the game individually.
Here is a short video of this game.

Have an idea? I will be thrilled to hear about it. Your ideas, comments, feedback are all welcome!
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  1. I love it! I think I have to get some nets too...My children will love it. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Yes! they will love it!
    My students really enjoy this game.
    If you get different color nets it will also serve for reinforcing and reviewing colors as well!
    Have fun :)