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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Number Cards for Games

             Number Cards for Games
These number cards for games are great for reinforcing numbers in any language.
I created these cards to create fun and engaging games while kids learn.  The kids love to play this game especially because of the manipulative they use. Instead of using the traditional Bingo-spotters, I bought some Super Hero figures for the boys and Fairy Tale Friends for the girls to use as game markers for these cards. The kids love it so much!

Here are some ideas and recommendations to play:
·         Give a card to each student. You can either place the figures for the boys in a small basket and the figures for girls in another basket and as the numbers are called out they can pick out the figures to place on the cards; or you can give each student a certain amount of figures for use.
·         Instructor calls out a number. The first student to complete one vertical and one horizontal row wins. For variation, you can have a child call out the numbers.
·         Create a fun math game with older children by calling out a number sentence and have student find the answer to the number sentence on their card. For example you can say: 4 + 4 or 8 – 6. Children find the number 8 or 2 on their card. These numbers or number sentence should be called out in the target language. You can set your own set of rules for winning.
·         Depending on size group you can give children more than one card.
·         You can encourage children to say in Spanish or the target language the number they have found. For example when calling out a number, students look for that number ,and as they find it on their card they can say: “encontré cuatro” as an example.
The uses are many. Be as creative as you can be!
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