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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Foreign language and its benefits for children

How Does a Foreign Language Affects Children

Studies have shown that learning a second language not only benefits a child linguistic abilities but also their cognitive and creative abilities as well.

Learning a second language makes it easier for learning more languages.

The earlier children learn a foreign language increases the probability of developing a  close to native pronunciation and intonation.

The question most parents will ask is how to expose their kids to a foreign language if it is not spoken at home or at school.  My suggestion is to buy Cd's in the target language that contains poems, songs, rhymes, etc... try playing the Cd every day or as much as possible for 30 minutes or more. This will help the child with proper pronunciation and sounds of the target language.

There are many Spanish Cd's out there that are good for listening and getting familiar with the language. One that is very good and highly recommend is:

1. Baby's first words in Spanish. (includes sounds, rhymes and songs) by Living Language

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