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Friday, June 5, 2015

8 Fun ideas to use with "Spanish Fun Bunny Color Cards

                  Spanish Fun 
            Bunny Color Cards

Spanish Fun Bunny Color Cards are a great way to introduce or reinforce colors to young children.
It’s great for summer camp activities where Spanish is part of a summer program. These bunny cards are appealing and engaging. They can be used in a variety of ways to engage children in learning and speaking the target language.  
Even though I know you will find so many ideas on how to use these cards I will share a few here that works well for me. The activities I recommend here are for different levels. Select the appropriate activity according to the age group. Feel free to adjust and make changes depending on your group’s needs. These activities range from age 5 to 12! For some activities previous knowledge in actions, adjectives, etc…is necessary. Before doing some of the activities I recommend the students be familiar with certain words so that it becomes easier to apply to conversation. So to get you started, here we go!

Use them for:
·         Teaching colors:  Instructor show and say the color on card and students repeat.
·         Teaching actions: Instructor introduces each bunny or selected bunnies by its color and says what each bunny likes to do. For example:
El conejito verde salta. (The green bunny jumps)
El conejito azul corre. (The blue bunny runs)
El conejito rojo camina (The red bunny walks)
And so on…. you can create other actions for the other bunnies.
·         Use for questions and answer activity:  After saying what each bunny does you can ask the following questions to evaluate comprehension. 
For example:¿qué hace el conejito verde? (What the green bunny does?)                      ¿qué hace el conejito azul? (What the blue bunny does?)                                                   and so on….. other questions could be: ¿cuál conejito salta, corre, camina?
·         Use for concentration and memory activity:  Show students a color bunny and have students do the action that color bunny does.
·         Seek and find game:  Have students look for the bunnies by color. For example you can say: “ María, busca el conejito verde” (María, look for the green bunny)
·         Use for engaging in descriptive adjectives:  Assign a descriptive quality to each bunny. For example you can say: El conejito gris es inteligente. El conejito negro es amable. El conejito café es honesto and so on….
Students can introduce a bunny of their choice.  For example:  student can pick a bunny they choose and talk about that bunny in the target language. For example student can say: “este conejito es blanco, es inteligente y es alegre.
·         Use it as a riddle game: instructor says this riddle and students say the answer. For example:
Instructor can say: “Soy el conejito saltador. Me gusta saltar, saltar y saltar”.  ¿Quién soy?
Student’s response should be: ¡El conejito verde!
Here is another example:
“Soy el conejito corredor. Me gusta correr, correr y correr”. ¿Quién soy?
Student’s response: ¡El conejito azul!
And so on….
You can assign any action and descriptive adjective you wish to any color bunny. I just gave some examples of how you can do it to engage students.
·         Create stories:  Create short stories involving more than one bunny. I created some short stories. If you would like to use them you can access them for free here or you can create your own.
Talking and asking questions in the target language and encouraging the student to answer in the target language is one good way of helping students develope their ears for the language and further prepare them  for more advance listening and conversational  skills.
Have any ideas? Please share!
And remember to ….Have fun!
To purchase Spanish Fun Bunny Color Cards click here. As a bonus I also included an English version of the cards! See example below.

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