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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fun Learning with Clothespins

         Fun Learning with Clothespins!
Here is another way to use clothespins!
Just write the Spanish name of nouns on clothespins and attach them to the correct image on card.
This is very useful for practicing vocabulary words in Flash card sets 1 through 4.
 You can use them on pretty much anything you are teaching such as numbers, shapes, foods, etc….
This fun activity helps older children connect words and images together. It’s also useful for practicing sight words.

To get you started on this fun activity, I have available for you eight free sheets or cards you can use to start having fun with your students! 
One card has some of the foods that’s on my previous post entitled: Fun Ideas andActivities with la comida, then, there are four cards that have vocabulary words from Flash Cards sets 1through 4, then there are two cards with numbers and one card with shapes! All you need now are some wooden clothespins that are easily found at dollar stores and a fine point Sharpie marker and you will be ready for this fun activity!

Here are some quick ideas to use with the clothespins activity:
·         Have student complete one sheet at a time using the clothespins.
·         Have one student call out the Spanish name of the images on the card and another student hand over the correct clothespin with the word.
·         Create two groups and see which group completes a sheet correctly by placing all the clothespins in the right place.
·         Do the activities above using a timer.
·         Put clothespins with words written on them in a basket.  Give several students one card.  Have a student or the instructor take out a clothespin from the basket and reads it. The students with the cards should raise their hand if they have the image of that word on their card. The first student to complete the card wins. (to make it more engaging and interesting, you can give the same card to several students and the first one to raise their hand gets the clothespin. This will help keep students alert as they listen for the next word and try to beat their opponents. ) Lots of fun!

To download the eight free cards just click here.
Hope you have lots of fun with these ideas!
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