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Friday, February 19, 2016

Five Fun Activities with Magnet Boards and Numbers

Five Fun Activities with Magnet   Boards & Numbers!

Here is another activity I found to be very helpful and engaging with children ages 4 and up.
These activities are great for teaching and reinforcing numbers in any language. But I use it for teaching Spanish.

I purchased some small magnet boards I saw at a fabric and craft store. I thought these would be great for my students. I already had some magnet numbers so it was a great buy!
So here are some ideas I use for reinforcing what has been taught with numbers.
1.     Give each student a magnet board and a set of magnet numbers from 0 to 10. (Most of the time I don’t have enough to give everyone at once, so I select a few at a time.) Call out a number in the target language and have children place that number on their magnet board.
2.    You can also form teams and see which team places the correct number on the board.
3.    Have children sit in a circle. The instructor puts random numbers on the board and students say what number it is.
4.    You can create math games and concepts from these boards and numbers.
5.    You can introduce “antes y después” game, where students say in target language the number that goes before and after or in the middle.

Hope these ideas were helpful. There are many more ideas and creative things you can do with these magnet boards and manipulative. You can purchase bigger magnet boards for other activities. In another post, I will share more ideas!
Wishing lots of fun with these ideas!
Please share your comments and feedback!
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