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Friday, April 15, 2016

Fun Ideas for Teaching Colors

Fun Ideas for Teaching Colors

Hi, thanks for stopping by! Today I’m going to share some fun ideas and a song to help young children learn the colors in Spanish!
Music is an important part in helping kids to learn; that’s why I’m always looking for a tune or song that goes with whatever subject I’m teaching. Using familiar tunes is a fun and great way to introduce any subject you are teaching. Kids will learn it faster since it’s a tune they are already familiar with. In my previous post I shared how I use a well know tune by kids to teach and reinforce the days of the weeks in Spanish while reviewing emotions in Spanish. Today I will share another well known tune by kids to teach and reinforce colors while learning a new sentence involving the subject they are learning. The tune I use for the colors is: “If you’re happy and you know it. 
My students have already learned their colors well. I’m so proud of them! So I started to introduce one way they can use the colors they have learned in Spanish in a short sentence. They are learning how to say what their favorite color is. (Mi color favorito es…) so we sit in a circle and we go over the colors and I will instruct them to listen as I point to each color and say slowly: “mi color favorito es azul, mi color favorito es rojo…and so on. After I will ask someone: “¿cuál es tu color favorito?” and of course I will help them. As usual they catch on to it so quickly! At first their pronunciation will not be perfect but don’t worry, as the activity is done over and over again they will get it right. Another reason I like incorporating music with language it’s because I noticed how it helps students with the proper pronunciation.
So the tune I use goes well for this little activity.
Here is what I do:

Have children sit in a circle. Put the color cards in the middle. Any color cards will work but if you like the ones I use shown in the picture above you can access them for Free Here J
Teacher ask: ¿Cuál es tu color favorito? 
Student respond by singing to the familiar tune of if you’re happy and you know it.
Student respond: “Mi color favorito es azul, mi color favorito es azul,
azul, azul,  azul, azul, mi color favorito es azul.
Teacher ask: ¿Cuál es  tu color favorito? 
Student respond: “ Mi color favorito es amarillo, mi color favorito es amarillo
amarillo, amarillo, mi color favorito es amarillo.
So you keep going until each child has the opportunity to say what their favorite color is. At first, help students sing the song slowly. After children are familiar with words and pronunciation, it can be sung faster. Another reason I like using this particular tune is because of the opportunity for repetition within the tune itself.
This activity/song is appropriate for ages 4 up to 9. 

Another activity we do with these little color cards is to have students point to the color you call out. You can also embrace the opportunity to introduce: “Dónde está…” (where is…)
Here are two short videos with examples:

Another activity you can do is have students match the colors with the words. They love doing this! This is the time they get to work collaboratively to find and match the word with the color. It’s great as a literacy activity!

You can access these cards and words here for Free. There is also a bonus page included!
Hope these ideas were helpful! Your comments and feedback are appreciated.
If you are looking for additional material to teach colors, you may like:
Coloring book of colors (this is perfect for younger children 2 and 3 years of age. You can access it here for Free!
For older kids 4 and up Mi Librito de Colores is appropriate. To purchase it click here.
Flash Cards Los Colores are also available by clicking here.

Click Here for song Los Colores
Click Here for song Más Colores

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