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Friday, April 29, 2016

Spanish Syllable Song and Games

Spanish Syllable Cards
Click here for Spanish Syllable Cards

 Spanish Syllable Cards is a fun activity to engage young students as they start to learn to read and write.
I will share with you today some practical ways to engage your students or child as you teach them about Spanish syllables and sounds.
Music is a big part of my teaching program.  So I’m always looking, creating or finding songs that correlate to the subject I’m teaching. So for teaching the little ones about the sound of the Spanish vowels and how to combine them with the consonants, I came up with a familiar tune to help with that. This time the tune is to London Bridge is falling down. So for example let’s say you are teaching the vowels and you combine it with the consonant M we will have ma, me , mi, mo ,mu. So this little song is to the tune mention above and it goes like this:
La m con la a dice ma, ma,ma; ma, ma, ma, ma, ma ,ma, la m con la a dice ma, ma, ma, ma—ma—ma.                                                                                                  
La m con la e dice me, me, me; me, me, me; me, me, me, la m con la e dice me, me, me; me—me—me(And so on) Here is a short example.
 I recommend you start singing it slowly and clearly and encourage students to listen before trying to sing along. My students always try to sing along with me, but I always tell them to listen first.  I say to them: “escucha” so they know exactly what I mean by that. At first I needed to be persistent on having them listen first, but after a while they understand.
You can also use a percussion instrument to sing the song. A guitar and keyboard works well too but using a percussion instrument like a drum or rhythm sticks will work just as well! You can also create a chant instead of singing it while using an instrument.
Gather children in a circle and after teaching them the sounds of the selected syllables, play games by calling out words for students to form with the small syllable cards.

They can work in groups for this activity. The syllable picture cards are great for engaging children in finding the correct syllable to form the word to the picture that’s on the card.
Here is another activity you can engage your students with using these word and number cards.
Students can pick out the two and three syllable words and place them on the correct card. You can access these herefor FREE!
There is another activity you can use but instead of little word cards, you can use small picture cards.
Game ideas on how to use these small picture cards are included in the download.(instruction in Spanish is also included) You can access these here for FREE!
These freebies can be use alone but it was really intended to go along with the product: Spanish Syllables Cards to create more games to reinforce the learning. To purchase Spanish Syllable Cards, click here.

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