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Friday, May 13, 2016

Free Spanish Lesson Plan 1

Spanish Lesson Plans for Teaching Colors 
Hello and thanks for visiting!    Click here for part 2 of this lesson!
Have you ever been looking for new and fresh ideas to teach your preschool students Spanish? Or maybe you really don’t have the time to search the internet or go through books to find something new and interesting to do with your students. Well, if that’s your case, I have been through the same experience too. So here is what I thought of doing to help teachers in the same or similar situation. For the next couple of months or so I will share with you my own personal lesson plans I use with my students.  
Today I’m sharing the first of four lesson plans to teach colors to preschool students ages 2 & 3.
The ideas and activities that are in these lesson plans have been used with my students with positive results.  I hope you find these lesson plans useful.
This lesson plan and those to follow includes the following:
1.      Pedagogical Purpose: Clearly express what is going to be taught.
2.      Learning Objective: This provides the answer to the question: “what is it your students will learn in Spanish that they did not know before”. It also makes clear the outcome you are seeking; and most importantly, basing on the learning objective you can evaluate your student’s progress.
3.      Activities for Teaching: Are ideas and materials that will be used for teaching the subject.
4.      Activities for Reinforcement: Provides hand-on-activities and worksheets for reinforcement.
In the fourth session of each lesson plan I will include activities for evaluation. This will help you track the progress of your students and point out who needs more attention in specific areas. 
The lesson plans include a section on your left with all the materials you will need to teach the lesson; and on the right there is a section for teacher's note. 

Click here to download the Spanish lesson plan: colors- session 1
Your feedback is greatly appreciated! 
Click here to download Spanish lesson plan: colors-session 2
Click here to download Spanish lesson plan: colors-session 3
Click here to download Spanish lesson plan: colors-session 4

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  1. Thanks for this article very helpful. thanks.
    listening in spanish

  2. I'm glad the lesson plan was helpful!
    Thanks for your feedback!:)