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Friday, June 3, 2016

Free Spanish Lesson Plan 4

Spanish Lesson Plans for Teaching Colors                               part 4 

Welcome back!
Today I’m sharing the last session for teaching colors to preschool students ages 2 &3.  

I mentioned at the very beginning that on our last session I will include activities for evaluation.  Evaluating your students is important because it determines if the purpose and objectives have been met. The evaluation should be related directly to the objectives of the lessons.
Even though most of the activities in the lesson plans can serve as an “informal evaluation”, the evaluation suggested here is a little more in dept and direct.
Here are some ideas of evaluation activities you can do with your two and three year old students concerning colors:
·         Showing flash cards in different sequence for student to name.
·         Asking student to find a specific color or colors.
·         Asking student to take out the color he or she hears
·         Pointing to  specific colors
·         Stepping on specific colors
Make these activities creative and fun. While children are engage in these various activities it will serve as an information tool for you to know which student needs more attention with what. These evaluation activities may inspire you to create more activities to help those who need it.
Consider the fact that evaluation is a continuous and on-going process, therefore selecting the appropriate tools and activities are necessary for providing accurate assessment.
I created an evaluation sheet to assess student’s progress. There are two versions: One in English and one in Spanish.

 If you would like to use any of these evaluation sheets, you can access them for Free here.
Click here to download the Spanish lesson plan: colors- session 4

I truly hope these lessons are helpful and fun for you and your students!
Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
Click here to download Spanish lesson plan: colors-session 1
Click here to download Spanish lesson plan: colors-session 2
Click here to download Spanish lesson plan: colors-session 3

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