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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Buscando Letras

                                                       Buscando   Letras
Instrucciones, ideas y recomendaciones en español incluídos en el producto.
Hi! Thanks for stopping by.
Well, summer is almost over and school is about to start. I hope you are enjoying what’s left from it.  I am!
Today I’m going to share some ideas on how to use the product: Buscando Letras.
Buscando Letras is an activity intended to help students age 8 through 11 spell and write Spanish words correctly.
Before doing the activity students should know the Spanish alphabet. You can access my free Spanish alphabet chart HERE.  
Once students know the Spanish alphabet the activity "Buscando Letras" will help in reinforcing and reviewing the spelling and writing of Spanish words.
There are a total of 20 images for the Spanish words. Student finds the Spanish word by finding all the letters to the image on his/her sheet, and then writes them on the spaces provided on it.
Ideas for using the activity:
·         Select 4 or 5 words at a time to teach students the correct pronunciation and spelling of each word. (You can download 20 free images with and without words to use as practice. Further down you will find a link to download.)
·         Students can practice for example spelling the word for “carro” or “pelota”, etc…
·         Then you can select from the 4 or 5 Spanish words one of the pages from “Buscando Letras” for student to find all the letters that forms the word to the image on the page.  Students color the letters, write them in correct order, they spell it and say it. The images are in black and white so that students can color them! Encourage students to read the word. The more they practice saying it, the better!
Some benefits to this activity:
·         Introduce and review vocabulary in a attractive and fun way
·         Improve spelling skills
·         Practice and letter recognition
·         Boost working memory
Here are some variations to the activity:
·         Give students one activity page and call out one letter at a time for students to find it and color it. Do the same until all letters corresponding to the image have been found.
·         Have students call out the letters as they find them and instructor writes it on the board.
·         You can write the letters of the image on the board in random order for students to find on their paper. They should write it in the correct order on their paper.
·         They can write the word first and then find the letters.
·         Give students one activity page at a time.
·         The activity should be done in class.
·         Depending on how fast students finish one activity page; you can give them another activity page to do.
·         Depending on your group or child, you can use this activity with younger children (6 or 7) or older ones.
You can download a FREE copy HERE of all 20 images with the Spanish word for practicing before doing the activity.

Click Here to purchase Buscando Letras. 
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Hope these ideas and activities are helpful!
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Have fun!

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  1. Great post to keep improving our spanish and be able to understand it slowly but surely, thanks for the help